Thursday, April 7, 2011

Writing Assignment #5 part 2

Internet Story: NASA Attempts to Calm Fears of Outer-Space Invasion (AP)- NASA Chairman Tomas Rivera told the public today that there is no cause to be concerned about the unidentified aircraft just outside Earth’s orbit. “There is no need for panic, but there indeed is an aircraft just outside our atmosphere that we have not been able to identify as of yet”, stated NASA Chairman Tomas Rivera at a press conference held early this morning. “We have informed the President and will contact other governments to try to identify its origin.” The Chairman’s comments follow a media frenzy that has broken out over the discovery of the unidentified aircraft on Monday. Speculations about the aircraft range from conspiracy theory to almost believable. The most widespread theory is that it is in fact a vessel carrying extra-terrestrial beings. United States Space Observation Center Scientist Hubert Scope disagrees with this theory, stating “In all my years of research, not one of these sightings has been anything of consequence”. The White House has not released an official statement about the event, but the President is scheduled to address the media tonight, which will be broadcasted live.

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