Thursday, April 7, 2011

Writing Assignment #5 part 1

USSOC News Release [3/14/12] Contact Name: Verna Thornblat Phone number: 347-789-6789 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: NASA tells public there is no need for concern over unidentified aircraft TEMPE, Arizona- The National Aeronautics and Space Administration announced today that there no need for immediate concern about the United States Space Observation Center’s sighting of an unidentified aircraft by satellites orbiting Earth on Monday. “There is no need for panic, but there indeed is an aircraft just outside our atmosphere that we have not been able to identify as of yet”, stated Secretary of State Tomas Rivera at a press conference held early this morning. “We have informed the President and will contact other governments to try to identify its origin.” During routine observation, a scientist at the USSOC noticed some unusual movement just outside the orbit of a US satellite. When investigated further, it was discovered that the aircraft was unable to receive any communication. Additionally, the aircraft was not a model recognizable to the American scientists. It carried no markings of identification, and did not attempt to make contact with anyone at the space center. Several attempts are being made to communicate with the aircraft, but none so far have shown to have been received. Experts all over the globe are now working to solve this. There have been at least a dozen encounters with unidentified aircrafts over the past five years, according to documentation made public by NASA. This number does not include civilian sightings, which often remain unreported or are disregarded as fabrications. The USSOC, which first reported the sighting in Tempe, Arizona, has to report any and all sightings to NASA that may be on public concern. Over ninety-per-cent of unidentified aircrafts, often referred to as unidentified flying objects or UFOs, have been reported from the state of Arizona. Although speculation is high about the aircraft being from another planet, scientist Hubert Scope said there is no reason to believe the aircraft is anything but a project commissioned by another country for space exploration. “In all my years of research, not one of these sightings has been anything of consequence”, said Scope, an Arizona resident and researcher at the USSOC. Several news sources have been accused by the USSOC of blowing this sighting out of proportion as a matter of public concern. There is no evidence to support claims of the aircraft coming from another planet. It has also been speculated that the aircraft has come into our atmosphere to bring us harm, which has been invalidated by NASA. The President of the United States is scheduled to hold a live press conference tomorrow to address any comments, concerns, or questions from several international and American news sources.

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