Thursday, April 21, 2011

Speech Assignment

Kennedy Speech A Call for Global Freedom

Following his oath of office today, President Kennedy delivered an inaugural speech that focused on American commitment to global freedom and liberty.

Kennedy’s speech not only offered promises of continued support of international allies, but the establishment of new democracies in other countries.

The intent of the speech was clear: it was a call for Americans to stand behind an agenda that seeks to perpetuate America’s place as the world police.

The vast majority of the speech was a message to all nations of the world calling for cooperation in the global fight for freedom for all men. Support was pledged to old allies, new states, and to people in rural areas of the globe in need of help. A pledge of support was also recommitted to the United Nations, calling the assembly, “our last best hope in an age where the instruments of war have far outpaced the instruments of peace”.

Following the pledges of support, the President went on to address the countries who may call themselves our enemies. To them, Kennedy requested reconsideration of peace in order to avoid the untold repercussions of nuclear war. In doing so, he addressed the fears of the American people of new, much more dangerous, forms of warfare by which we have been threatened.

Lastly the President made a request of the people to give individual support of the country and its service men and women.

Kennedy concluded his speech with a hopeful tone. He spoke of the ‘‘wonders of science,’’ which may be used for peace rather than war, and of our responsibility to one another to care for our brother.

It is now to be seen over the next four years what will come of these promises and of Kennedy’s hopes for the future of America and its people.

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