Thursday, March 17, 2011

Press Release


Bluth Inc. Gains New Leadership with CEO

Los Angeles, CA – March 17, 2011 – Michael Bluth takes the helm of Bluth Inc. as CEO with a fresh vision for a new era for the company.

Bluth Inc. has faced many challenges over the past few months, however, stocks will soon be soaring again with the appointment of George Bulth’s son, Michael Bluth, to position of CEO. He sees a future for the company full of innovation, acquisition, and profits. Most importantly, he offers the moral and ethical leadership Bluth Inc. has lacked in the past.

“Michael has always been the brains of the family and definitely knows what he is doing”, says his sister Natalie, “he has always been well-liked and had no knowledge of his father’s unethical accounting techniques.”

Since Michael Bluth’s arrival, the company has gone through much needed change, such as the firing of top officials associated with his father’s schemes and hiring new young faces, bringing hope in a time it is much needed.

Bluth has higher pursuits than being CEO of a top 100 company. The new CEO is an elder at the First Methodist Church of Burbank, where he has been attending for over 30 years. You can find him front and center any given Sunday

Bluth Inc. will host a benefit for the hospitals of Los Angeles in partnership with the First Methodist Church of Burbank in the fall. This benefit will be the first of its kind, and offers Bluth Inc. a chance to reinvent the image of the company as one that cares about the well being of residents of Los Angeles.


Patricia Bluth

233 North Ave,
Los Angeles, CA

Ph: 622-896-7817

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