Thursday, April 28, 2011

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Young Orchids Give Back

International rock-stars Young Orchids take a break from the road today to give back to their Atlanta community.

The young rock group, whose song “Twelve Feet Tall” gained them international fame, are the hosts of a charity event at The Fox Theatre tonight. Proceeds from the $500 per person tickets will be given as a grant to the Atlanta City School district for art programs. According to manager Luis Sandoval, the grant will provide supplies for art classes, fund after-school programs, and aide in the development of new at programs for children and teens.

In a statement on the band’s website, 23-year old Matthew DeBusschere says, “As a child, I enjoyed art classes in school and became concerned as an adult when I saw those programs being cut from curriculums due to budget cuts.” His concern led to the proposal of the event being held tonight.

Expected guests of the event include Atlanta mayor Kashim Reed and the hip-hop group Outkast, who also hail from Atlanta. Dinner will be served in the Egyptian Ballroom, followed by a two-hour performance by Young Orchids in the main theatre. A press conference about the band’s world tour will be held after the show.

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Atlanta Band Gives Back Through Charity Event

Last year, a local Atlanta band broke into mainstream music with an international hit song “Twelve Feet Tall”. Tonight, those young men return home to give back to the community that gave them their start.

Young Orchids will host a charity ball tonight at The Fox Theatre in order to raise money for art programs in inner-city schools. Doors open for the event at 7pm tonight, with a ticket price of $500. Dinner with the band will take place in the Egyptian Ballroom, followed by a two-hour performance. Afterwards, the band will answer questions from the press about their upcoming global tour.

“The guys have always had it in their hearts to give back to the community in a way that will touch children’s lives and inspire them to create more art in the world”, said manager and friend Luis Sandoval, “They are very excited to be able to host this event which will help so many people”.

23-year-old bassist Matthew DeBusschere said he developed the idea of the event. In a statement on the band’s website DeBusschere said, “As a child, I enjoyed art classes in school and became concerned as an adult when I saw those programs being cut from curriculums due to budget cuts. The money raised tonight will be given to art programs in Atlanta City Schools for supplies, after-school classes, and the development of new projects.”

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The charity event in Atlanta will mark the beginning of Young Orchids' second leg of their first world tour. The band will be on tour with English band Muse, who have just released their tenth full-length album "Starlight and Moon Rites". The following is a partial list of the cities and dates where the bands will be performing:

5/20 Miami, FL

5/22 Mexico City, Mexico

5/25 Tokyo, Japan

5/28 Hong Kong, China

6/1 Mumbai, India

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On this day, in 2010, a group of young Atlanta rockers called Young Orchids broke into mainstream radio with their hit “Twelve Feet Tall”.

(Soundbite of song, “Twelve Feet Tall”)

Mr. KYLE GORDON (Singer): (Singing) We set the fires… we die alone.

MORRISON: Tonight, the band celebrates the day their first single hit the airwaves by hosting a charity event at the Fox Theatre.

Joining us is their manager and long-time friend, Luis Sandoval, to tell us more about this event.

Welcome to the show.

Mr. LUIS SANDOVAL: Thank you.

MORRISON: What is the purpose of the event tonight?

Mr. SANDOVAL: Well, the boys aren’t just musicians; they are compassionate artists as well. Now that they have become famous, they want to give back to the children of Atlanta through raising money for art programs in inner-city schools.

MORRISON: That’s wonderful. Is it open to the public and how much are tickets to the event?

Mr. SANDOVAL: Tickets are $500 and yes; it is open to anyone who wants to pay that much money.

(Soundbite of laughter)

MORRISON: For more information about the event, you can visit the event page linked to the bands’ Facebook. Mr. Sandoval, thank you for joining us.

Mr. SANDOVAL: My pleasure.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Seatbelt Article

CDC Reports Decline in Vehicle Crash Injuries

The CDC's recently released report on Non-Fatal Motor Vehicle Occupant Injuries in 2009 indicates that increased seatbelt usage has lead to a steady decline in adult injuries resulting from car crashes.

“Seat belt use is the most effective method to reduce the risk of injury or death and it protects drivers and passengers, reducing the risk being killed by about half,” says CDC Director Thomas Frieden, “In 2008 for the first time overall seat belt use reached a high of 85%, really making it the social norm in this country.”

Frieden went on to say that, “Every 14 seconds an adult in the U.S. Is treated in an emergency department for a motor vehicle crash-related injury, and this is costing us not only lives, but also money.”

The leading cause of death in the U.S. between ages 5 and 34 continues to be motor vehicle crashes. Additionally, 34,000 people of all ages died from vehicle crash injuries in the past year.

Although the rates of death and injury from vehicle crashes remain high, the 2009 report brings hope by showing that states with mandatory seatbelt usage laws have been able to decrease these numbers.

According to Frieden, the states who have achieved a 90% or better rate of seatbelt usage are: Oregon, California, Washington, Hawaii, New Jersey, Texas and Puerto Rico.

Other factors that Frieden sites may contribute to the decline of deaths and injuries include the safety of vehicle builds increasing and the amount people drive decreasing due to gas prices.

Frieden suggests that graduated drivers licenses also contribute to reducing vehicular death rates in the states that have implemented them.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Speech Assignment

Kennedy Speech A Call for Global Freedom

Following his oath of office today, President Kennedy delivered an inaugural speech that focused on American commitment to global freedom and liberty.

Kennedy’s speech not only offered promises of continued support of international allies, but the establishment of new democracies in other countries.

The intent of the speech was clear: it was a call for Americans to stand behind an agenda that seeks to perpetuate America’s place as the world police.

The vast majority of the speech was a message to all nations of the world calling for cooperation in the global fight for freedom for all men. Support was pledged to old allies, new states, and to people in rural areas of the globe in need of help. A pledge of support was also recommitted to the United Nations, calling the assembly, “our last best hope in an age where the instruments of war have far outpaced the instruments of peace”.

Following the pledges of support, the President went on to address the countries who may call themselves our enemies. To them, Kennedy requested reconsideration of peace in order to avoid the untold repercussions of nuclear war. In doing so, he addressed the fears of the American people of new, much more dangerous, forms of warfare by which we have been threatened.

Lastly the President made a request of the people to give individual support of the country and its service men and women.

Kennedy concluded his speech with a hopeful tone. He spoke of the ‘‘wonders of science,’’ which may be used for peace rather than war, and of our responsibility to one another to care for our brother.

It is now to be seen over the next four years what will come of these promises and of Kennedy’s hopes for the future of America and its people.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Writing Assignment #5 part 3

TV Story: Shot of reporter in studio: NASA Chairman Tomas Rivera announced today that there is no need for alarm over the discovery of an unidentified aircraft just outside Earth’s orbit. The Chairman’s words follow public panic over Monday’s report of a UFO just outside Earth’s atmosphere. Lets go to our reporter on Peachtree Street to see what you think. Man on the Street shot with off-camera voice asking “ Do you think there is a UFO come to Earth?” Man on the street shot: “I really don’t think we should make a big deal of something that no one is sure of yet” Man on the street shot: “I think the aliens have finally come!”

Writing Assignment #5 part 2

Internet Story: NASA Attempts to Calm Fears of Outer-Space Invasion (AP)- NASA Chairman Tomas Rivera told the public today that there is no cause to be concerned about the unidentified aircraft just outside Earth’s orbit. “There is no need for panic, but there indeed is an aircraft just outside our atmosphere that we have not been able to identify as of yet”, stated NASA Chairman Tomas Rivera at a press conference held early this morning. “We have informed the President and will contact other governments to try to identify its origin.” The Chairman’s comments follow a media frenzy that has broken out over the discovery of the unidentified aircraft on Monday. Speculations about the aircraft range from conspiracy theory to almost believable. The most widespread theory is that it is in fact a vessel carrying extra-terrestrial beings. United States Space Observation Center Scientist Hubert Scope disagrees with this theory, stating “In all my years of research, not one of these sightings has been anything of consequence”. The White House has not released an official statement about the event, but the President is scheduled to address the media tonight, which will be broadcasted live.